Dr. Irma Becerra President
Carmelita Treacy Board of Trustees Co-Chair
Susan Lacz Board of Trustees Co-Chair
Joe Foster Vice President for Advancement
Carmen A. Brown Special Assistant to the President
Hilary Phillips Executive Assistant to the President
Dr. Linda McMurdock Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Christina Rajmaira Director of Student Involvement & Leadership
Dr. Jeanne Matthews Acting Provost
Jamie Reynolds Director of Athletics
Anthony D'Andrea Student Government Association Representative
Megan Doyle Manager of Marketing and Communications
Upendra Malani Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning & Management
Eric Hols Director of Campus Safety
Kellie Green Director of Conferences & Events; Sodexo Catering
Dr. Kathleen Garces-Foley Faculty Council Representative
Dr. Carolyn Oxenford Faculty Council Representative
Karen White Staff Council Representative
Fr. Thomas Yehl Chaplain